The Log Device is very important in data center. There are thousands of computers and related systems in each data center and when the process of operation or failure, system will create hundreds of billions log files and the huge quantities beyond your imagination. System can through by these massive log files be analyzed and quickly get the results to help come out the eliminate methods to clear up the failure.

The challenged of Massive Log Files 

In the era of data explosion, each data center creates a large number of log files every day, but now cannot be handled by a single server system. For example, the online CDN platform finally collects more than 4TB of compressed log data per day and extracts up to 120TB for processing and storage. There is a problem to store these data, and another one big problem is how to handle these huge data and doing some analysis.

Bottlenecks of System

-Compressed log files should be placed in the cluster for statistical analysis Decompression serious face IO bottlenecks. 

-The I/O performance is the key of system because each server provides resources to Log Files only 1~2%.