I. Warranty
Cloud Disk Drive Series:
And related accessories (including power cord)
★ one year warranty
★ free testing, maintenance, material costs

ioRAM3 Series:
And related accessories (including power cord)
★ one year warranty
★ free testing, maintenance, material costs

Mark 1 Series:
And related accessories (including power cord)
★ one year warranty
★ free testing, maintenance, material costs
II. Product warranty
This warranty does not apply to products purchased by used resale or other unauthorized distribution channels
Warranty period: Warranty period of the product, is responsible for assisting free maintenance, update or replacement.
Over warranty period: When the product exceeds the warranty period, customers are required to pay for repair and service charges.
III. Determination of product warranty period
The calculation of the warranty period starts from the original purchase date of the product.When proposing product warranty requirements, make the original purchase certificate (such as unified invoice, shipper, etc.). If the relevant proof of purchase cannot be offered, the warranty period is based on the production date.
IV. Principles for Maintenance and Replacement
The products in the warranty period will be evaluated by ALLONE whether the maintenance or replacement. 
When the product can be identified and replace, will replace the original type of product or similar products to customers.
V. Non Warranty
1.   Failure to follow the instructions operating.
2.   Force majeure Damage (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, typhoon, etc.), 
3.   Man-made intentional damage (such as beating, rupture, blow, etc.), 
4.   Computer disorders, man-made error (such as loss, ) Or other non-normal causes.
5.   The unauthorized, or the third person installs, adds, expands, modifies, repairs or disassembles the damage caused by unauthorized parts or unapproved parts.
6.   Damage caused by computer virus.
7.   Damage caused by physical or electronic and electromagnetic pressure or interference.
8.   Damage caused by instability and misuse, lightning, static electricity, fire or other force majeure.
9.   Damage caused by exposure to improper environments (including high temperature or high humidity).
10. Damage caused by customer repair or the way to improper delivery and packaging.
11. Maintenance devices maybe damaged or lost data due to repair. Please the backup data first. ALLONE will not be responsible for the data of the maintenance devices.
12Damage caused by R & D or professional testing caused , not within the scope of free warranty.
VI. Warranty Service Description

1. Apply to the official website www.alloneic.com online RMA authorization code:
    First login password, fill in the relevant information, the system will provide an RMA application form. 
2. Please attach the RMA form to the outside of the package and pack it properly to avoid damage caused by the collision of the product.

3. Please sent RMA product to Customer Care Center within 14 days after receiving the RMA authorization number. Customer Care Center address: Room 905B, A Building, No., 66, 

    Hexi St., Jianye District 210019,  China.

4. RMA charges: Customer Care Center receives the RMA product within three working days will testing the product of the damage and will reply customer regarding the maintenance 

    of the actions and quotations.

VII. DOA Policy
The DOA policy is new product within 45 days after the purchase of failure situation, and meets the criteria for new product replacement. The customer should inform the abnormal situation to make an unusual judgment and confirmation. We will provide as soon as possible a new device to customer avoid the inconvenience of the client. But this policy does not include the damage caused by customer self-transformation, maintenance, misuse or other abnormal use. When the product exceeds the DOA policy, please go RMA process.
VIII. Product Change Notice (PCN) / Product End of Life Notice (EOL)

1. For products due to major parts replacement, functional strengthening and other factors for product hardware, software design changes or product will plan end of life, ALLONE be 

    notified to customers three months ago.

2. The customer is able to place an order until the end of life plan of the product be released, and ALLONE will not accept the order if the product end of life already. 

1. The above is a complete warranty on the product, which covers all other verbal or written warranties.
2. If the product does not meet the scope for free warranty, Customer Care Center will offer the quotation and it is based on ALLONE pricing policy.
3. In exceptional circumstances, Customer Care Center can decide to replace the product with similar function or refund the value after depreciation of the product.
4. According ALLONE Customer Care policy, Customer Care Center can decide to replace the same or higher specifications product to customer.
5. This warranty policy covers all defective products.
6. This warranty applies to products manufactured after on October 21, 2014. 

1. In addition to the above warranty policy, Customer Care Center don't provide other warranty services.

2. ALLONE declares that the warranty policy will not be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages to the product, even if ALLONE has been advised of the possibility 

    of such damage.

3. The warranty policy obligations described herein are the undertakings of ALLONE in respect of its fulfillment of product warranty.