RMA procedures

1. Apply to the official website www.alloneic.com online RMA authorization code:
    First login password, fill in the relevant information, the system will provide an RMA application form. 
2. Please attach the RMA form to the outside of the package and pack it properly to avoid damage caused by the collision of the product.

3. Please sent RMA product to Customer Care Center within 14 days after receiving the RMA authorization number. Customer Care Center address: Room 905B, A Building, No., 66, 

    Hexi St., Jianye District 210019,  China.

4. RMA charges: Customer Care Center receives the RMA product within three working days will testing the product of the damage and will reply customer regarding the maintenance 

    of the actions and quotations.

Please see flow chart for more details:

RMA Demand

1.The customer goes to http://www.alloneic.com to download the RMA Request Form and fill in the information. Or, you can log in MyALLONE account 

   to apply for RMA.

2. E-mail to Customer Care Center service@alloneic.com


RMA Request Form​

After receiving the request, the Customer Care Center will reply you document by e-mail within one working day.

Care Center

RMA Application Form

RMA Demand
Product Delivery
Customers print RMA f and attach RMA form to the outside of the package and sent to ALLONE Customer Care Center.
Address: Room 905B, A Building, No., 66, Hexi St., Jianye District 210019,  China.
To: ALLONE Solutions Co., Ltd. Customer Care Center
Tel: +86-25-57028882


RMA and Product

Care Center

Received RMA products
Customer Care Center received the RMA products, will checking the RMA quantity and item, and confirmed by e-mail to customer.

Care Center

RMA process

1. After testing, Customer Care Center will finish RMA process within 7 working days (including 2 days for delivery). If it cannot be completed, Customer 

    Care Center will sent email to customer in advance.

2. Upon completion, Customer Care Center will notify customer by e-mail.

RMA Products Returned


The Customer receives the Products
Customer will receive repaired products with RAM working list for checking and description.